Unpacking Africa’s fastest growing companies list

Yesterday, the Financial Times, and research company, Statista released a report on Africa’s fastest-growing companies in 2023. The list highlights how the top 100 African businesses from across different sectors—fintech, renewable energy, healthcare, commodities and agriculture—kept their businesses afloat while most of the world’s businesses shut down.
Although fintech and agriculture hold top spots, Africa’s fastest-growing companies list shows a balanced representation of companies across different sectors. Companies from across IT & Software, Logistics & Transportation, Real Estate, Energy & Utilities, Construction & Engineering, Food & Beverages, Media & Telecommunications, Agriculture, Retail, Hospitality, Professional Services, E-commerce, Management & Consulting, Manufacturing, Education, Metals & Mining, were all on the list with varying degrees of representation.
Fintech and IT companies had the highest number of representation on the list, with nineteen and sixteen businesses, respectively. Agriculture, with a representation of nine countries, comes in third and is closely followed by the Metal and Mining sector, with eight companies contributing to the list.
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