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The current value of Africa's health industry is estimated to be around $160 billion and is projected to grow to $280 billion in the next 10 years. This growth is driven largely by the increasing demand for better healthcare services, the introduction of new technology, and the need for healthcare workers to cater to the growing population.

The health sector in Nigeria is growing, mainly thanks to private sector involvement. Its expenditure as a percentage of GDP is only 4.6%. South Africa has a well-developed health care system, with a strong private sector and high-quality facilities. Its healthcare expenditure as a percentage of GDP of 8.5%. 

Ghana has a functional universal health coverage program that provides free healthcare services for all citizens. Its healthcare expenditure as a percentage of GDP of 4.9%. Senegal has made significant progress creating access to healthcare services for its citizens. Its healthcare expenditure as a percentage of GDP 4.1%. Cote d'Ivoire has made significant efforts in building an advanced healthcare system and now a 4.3% expenditure as a percentage of GDP. Kenya has a decentralized healthcare system, with the government providing free healthcare services for its citizens. Currently its health care expenditure as a percentage of GDP is 5.2%.

Despite the persistent problems present in Africa’s health sector today, several countries in the region have taken steps to improve its overall quality and standard. There is now increasing investment and access to healthcare services, widespread adoption of technology to enhance healthcare delivery, improving healthcare infrastructure and workforce, and renewed focus on non-communicable diseases.

Last Updated: 1 March 2023

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