Nigeria set to attract over $600 million investments through data centers – Ayotunde Coker

Despite the unresolved issue of power that could be a major setback for this type of business, Nigeria has in recent years witnessed a flurry of activities in the data centre space. Different companies, mostly foreign, have announced commitments to build data centre facilities in the country while a number of them are already in operation.

In this interview with Nairametrics, the Chief Executive Officer of Open Access Data Centers (OADC), Dr. Ayotunde Coker delves into the economy of this business, its expected impacts on the Nigerian economy and why investors are interested in setting up such facilities in in the country.

Coker also speaks on the strategic shift towards local data hosting, spurred by the availability of hyperscale data centres and the increasing enforcement of data sovereignty laws. This shift is expected to bring back data workloads to Africa from Europe, a move also motivated by the limited space and resources in European data centres.

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