Impact Survey


A survey for Dutch companies doing business in Nigeria.

It will take just 5 mins of your time

About the Survey

This study aims to evaluate the impact of businesses from the Netherlands on Nigeria.

The anticipated outcome is an overview of Dutch businesses operating in Nigeria, broken down by industry, along with information on their contributions to the economy in terms of investments, technology transfer, skill development, and direct and indirect job creation.

With one-tenth of its global trade, the Netherlands is Nigeria's second-largest commercial partner. Increased knowledge of this stance will provide Dutch businesses a collective bargaining advantage. Completing this survey will enhance the position of Dutch businesses in Nigeria and foster better trade and investment ties between the Netherlands and Nigeria. 

All results will be collected and presented completely anonymously, unless the Dutch company wishes to disclose their company name for their success story. We only collect your information to confirm we don’t have more than one response from the same company, and that those responding are indeed linked to the Netherlands.

For this survey, a Dutch company is defined as follows:

“Dutch business” means any legal entity whose majority of the capital is owned by a citizen of  the Netherlands or by a company having its headquarters in the Netherlands, or any company whose business is essentially dependent on trade between the Netherlands and Nigeria.”

This survey follows up on the study previously executed by the European Delegation in Abuja, in June 2023, and the results will be presented in a similar manner. Please click here to see the EU survey results.

Download the Eurocham Survey Results

Highlights of the 2023 EU mapping survey

The Eurocham survey was executed by the European Delegation in Abuja, in June 2023.

The survey is led by the Dutch Embassy in Nigeria in conjunction with Commercium Africa (formerly Naijalink), a management consulting firm focused on market entry into Nigeria and key African countries. Commercium Africa executed the 2023 EU mapping survey.